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You Need a Social Media Makeover

Social media pages are incredibly easy to setup. Once you decide which network to start with, the site itself will walk you through the necessary steps needed to create a basic profile. Instead of rushing through the tutorials and help sections, take some time to read through the suggestions and information available to your business.

If you already have a social media page, look back occasionally to see if the profile setup information offers any new tips and tricks your business can use now. For instance, you may notice a new ad option you can use to your advantage. Facebook offers a free online training program called Facebook Blueprint for business owners and social media managers.

The sites themselves will show you how to start a new account and add some details. Here are some of the most popular social media sites for posting business pages and profiles:

Note: While you may feel obligated to create multiple social media pages to reach a wider audience, sign up only for networks you can maintain over time. If you sign up for and abandon business profiles, you could create an opportunity for brand confusion and reputation damage.