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What is Voice search and why is it important for Local SEO

Voice search is a speech recognition technology that uses voice command to perform an online search by saying terms aloud rather than typing them into a search field. In spite of the fact that designed to be a software application, a voice search also may be used as a service by smartphones and other small Web-enabled assistants/devices.

People use voice search because their hands are occupied because it is quicker to speak than to type, or because it does not require a keyboard or screen. However, it is about more than just convenience.

In 2016, Google announced that 20% of mobile queries were by voice. Since then, we have seen that number increase, as in January 2018, there are an estimated 0ne billion voice searches per month.

Voice search tends to be more mobile and locally focused because it’s embedded into many mobile apps and devices.

When you search for restaurants via typing on your phone or computer, you might write “best restaurants in Salem MA.” This is computer language.

If you use voice search, you will probably ask a question, like “Which restaurant serves dinner now?” The results are locally based upon where the search is done. If you search in Danvers the results are based on your location and restaurants in  Danvers are displayed.

Voice search is more likely to contain question phrases.

Is your Web Site optimized for voice search? Grab your phone and do a voice for your business or website.

Are you listed? Are the search results easy for Google to display?

If you would like more information on how to optimize your Internet presence for voice search please contact us