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Canna Bus – Medical & Recreational Marijuana Delivery Service Massachusetts

Canna Bus – Medical & Recreational Marijuana Delivery Service Massachusetts

Unfortunately this site is no longer up and running.

I tweaked the SEO for this site. Over 1000 hits a month 

The Best and Most Highly Rated Medical And Recreational Marijuana Delivery Service in Massachusetts!

For medical marijuana delivery please call Canna Bus 

For recreational marijuana delivery please call Rekt at 

Canna Bus believes every legal patient should have safe, convenient access to medicinal cannabis without visiting a dispensary.We work with a collective of the Best Medical Cannabis Caregivers in Massachusetts to help provide deserving patient medicine with the slight overages that the caregiver may have.

Is this a real thing? Oh yes. Home delivery is how Massachusetts elite have been receiving their medical marijuana for a long time. Famous actors, CEOs and other high-profile people can not and will not stumble into a dispensary. PRIVACY IS OUR PRIORITY. Canna Bus makes fast, safe, discreet, legal marijuana delivery available to every legal patient.

Matt Sambito Dot Com

Matt Sambito Dot Com

The Online Home of Matt Sambito. Man about town… suave, debonair, and character extraordinaire. Raconteur.

The Online Home of Matt Sambito. Man about town… suave, debonair, and character extraordinaire. Raconteur.
Matt Sambito has been rumpin bumpin and thumping for over 59 years. Throughout his career, he has always played and worked where destiny and a paycheck have taken him. He has toured and played in Ragtime, Jazz, Rock, Blues and of course Country and Western bands.

Currently a member of the Tony Soul Project

Matt has done extensive corporate technical training at Fortune 500 in Web Technologies.

Need a website?

Matt has often been compared to James Jamerson.

Nuff Said!

The Tony Soul Project

The Tony Soul Project

The Tony Soul Project plays dance music covering rock & roll, soul music (Motown) and blues. We love James Brown, Led Zeppelin, Sly, all the old blues greats but mix in music from all over. Our set list is like nothing you have ever seen and guaranteed to get people dancing.

United Barrier Technologies

United Barrier Technologies

Preventing a loss is better than reacting to it after it happens

Climate change is a global phenomenon that has significantly impacted the U.S. Over the past 30 years
the U.S. has been hit by severe flooding that has caused devastating losses of life and property from the
coasts to the inland regions.
The U.S. has relied on older flood control technologies that have often failed when tested by the larger
water volumes produced by extreme storms. Climate trends predict that the heavy rains and hurricanes
will continue to grow in intensity and frequency.

This research study examines the coastal and inland flood control markets to understand the magnitude
of the flooding problem. We identify deficiencies in the flood control technologies that are often
proposed or built to prevent flooding. We also examine a set of business requirements for a new flood
control technology that has significant advantages over the prior technologies.


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