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Tips for creating and refreshing captivating content

Whether you’re looking back at an existing profile or creating a new one to represent your brand, keep these tips for content development in mind:

  • Use an appropriate voice. Social media is not the space for third-person formal writing. Instead, consider it an opportunity to connect with your target market on an emotional level and inspire brand loyalty. Develop style guidelines for your brand as you start to recognize patterns you prefer. For example, something as small as not capitalizing any letters can turn into a brand differentiator. How will your writing reflect your brand?
  • Showcase your values and mission. Beyond having the right paint color an interior decorator needs, what should make a painter choose your shop over the local hardware store? The TOMS shoe brand donates one pair of shoes for every sale it makes. Walmart offers the lowest prices. Maybe your business sources all products from a local or regional market. Impart your value and your mission to inspire connectivity.
  • Refresh the content regularly. Brands are like living organisms. A sedentary lifestyle rarely suits them. If you’re still using branding language from the late 1990s or even the early 2000s, overhaul the content. Reimagine your business model for the modern world and give your audience something they can’t resist.
  • Engage on the platform. Aside from posting and refreshing company information in your profile, every business must use social media in an active and engaging way. Expand your strategy beyond reposting blogs and redirecting readers to your website. Post a joke, comment on a community member’s page, or develop a poll. Social media offers next-level insight and engagement with your audience if you’ll mix up your messaging to include more of your brand personality.