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Why Local SEO matters to your Band

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I’m a musician. You could often see me playing with the Tony Soul Project on the North Shore and Central Massachusettes. One of my favorite places to play in Salem MA is Brodies Seaport. As we say in the Bussines “More butts in the seats, everybody is happy” Before the internet fan engagement meant a […]

What Is Email Marketing ?

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Email marketing is a form of internet advertising that sends an email to a list of potential customers or current clients with information about your business meant to build loyalty and brand awareness. Making sure you reach the right audience at the right time with the right messaging is key. Email marketing can be a […]

Why You Need A Professional Web Designer

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Too Hip For The Room is a full-service company that will maintain your site and make future updates or changes.

Why You Need A Professional Web Designer? Many firms do not think much of their business website, they have this idea that any old employee will be able to design a simple and basic website and that they can host it using a free provider to keep costs minimal. The truth is that the work […]

Search Optimization - SEO

What Is SEO and why do I need it

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Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization is a process or a series of execution of different technics instructed by Google or any other search engine to increase the search visibility of your website on leading search engine result page like Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are natural (“organic”), and paid ways of achieving higher ranking […]