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Creating SEO Friendly Content

Google needs its content in a readable format.

I think of getting your page listed like handing a paper into a professor or teacher. You want to be graded on content, not on style.

Not only should your content look great but should be easy to read and organized so that Google or any other search engine can easily understand what you are about. Remember Google, Bing Yahoo, and any search engine are great at linear thinking but doesn’t understand sparkle very well.

Core onsite SEO elements

The good news? SEO is not rocket science. With an understanding of structured content and a clear strategy, you can have a well-optimized site that delivers great Seach Engine Optimization and exceptional user experience.

If I wanted to tell the internet what I know about anything from my business, idea or anything here is what I would consider.

Here are the most critical elements for creating a well-structured web page that’s easy to read and SEO friendly.  

Header tags: (H1, H2, H3)
How to – A well-optimized page will include all three, but how do we use each?

H1: Your H1 header should only be used once on the page and often is the same as your “Page Title”, although it doesn’t have to be a carbon copy

H2: We use the H2 tag only once per page, too; however, this not a hard rule. We use it to provide localization or a geographic modifier to our content.

H3: H3 tags are used multiple times on a page. We use H3 tags to break up page sections and titles to relevant content.

My Ham and Cheese Sandwich

If I wanted to tell Google everything I know about Ham and Cheese Sandwiches I would do it like this

If you are a local business, band, social organization or non-profit, with an understanding of what story you want to tell, you can create great content that’s easy for your audience to find.

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